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at connect...

we delight in helping to build harmonious communities.

many of our programs include ways for people to build healthy relationships and support networks with others. 

below are brief descriptions of a few of our community “connection” programs. contact us to learn more about each of our “connections”.

womenconnect. a resource/support group designed for women to connect across cultural lines and support each other through the challenges and triumphs of femininity.

teensconnect. a creative alternative for teens, helping them develop healthy relationships while tackling issues applicable to teenage life. 

parentsconnect. a forum for parents raising children in the 21st century promoting advocacy, empowerment, and education.

couplesconnect. a series of events geared toward enhancing communication, compassion, and connection in relationships.

faithconnect. a Christian network of individuals and faith communities making faith relevant in everyday life.

healthconnect. health education and physical fitness instruction encouraging wholeness and healthy living.

cliniciansconnect. Peer consultation and supervision Allowing mental health professionals to obtain and share information for better practices.

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